The Jalkunen graphite project (Talga 100%) is located approximately 50km southeast of Talga's Vittangi project and contains multiple graphite deposits defined to date including the Jalkunen JORC 2012 Resource of 31.5Mt @ 14.9 Cg. 

In March 2015 Talga completed a diamond drilling program at the Jalkunen prospect covering some 800 metres of strike and intersected a nearly flat lying high grade graphite deposit averaging 50‐60 metres true thickness (see image below for cross section).    

A maiden 2012 JORC compliant Inferred resource was estimated to total 31.5 Mt @ 14.9% Cg for Jalkunen using a 10% graphite cut off grade.  This compares well to historic drilling by the Geological Survey of Sweden that intersected 50m @ 15.4% Cg (1982) and their analysis of nine thin sections indicating graphite flake lengths upto 400 microns.  The high grade and exceptionally shallow dip of the graphite orebody (approximately 18 degrees) offer significant advantages in the event of development at Jalkunen. 


JORC 2012 Classification Tonnes Graphite (%Cg)
Inferred 31,500,000 14.9

The quantity and quality of the other graphite occurences at Jalkunen offer potential for massive additional scale to be added to Talga's growth pipleline. The Tiankijokki prospect covers a series of graphite bodies up to 500m strike each with up to 25.7m @ 27.7% Cg returned from historic drilling. At the Lautakoski prospect graphite rich metasediments can be traced over at least 6.6km strike and drilling results to 45m @ 19.4% Cg and 9m @ 35.0% Cg. The Suinavaara prospect is a priority EM conductor along strike of Lautakoski and the Nybrännan prospect is a historical graphite mine where trenchs results include 14m @ 33.3%Cg.


These prospects form part of a total JORC compliant Exploration Target of 36‐73 Mt @ 15-30%Cg from the surface to 100m depth at the Jalkunen project (see ASX 26 February 2015) this remains to be tested.  Exploration Targets are based on a number of assumptions and limitations with the potential grade and quantity being conceptual in nature.  There has been insufficient exploration to estimate a Mineral Resource Estimate in accordance with the JORC Code and it is uncertain if future exploration will result in the estimation of a Mineral Resource.


Project Exploration Target Tonnes (0-100m Vertical Depth) Graphite (%Cg)
    Min. Max. Min. Max.
Jalkunen Tiankijokki 2,600,000 5,200,000 15 25
Nybrännan 5,200,000 10,400,000 20 30
Suinavaara 2,600,000 5,720,000 15 25
Lautakoski 26,000,000 52,000,000 15 25